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07th Jan 2019

First Time Doing Dry January? Ten Booze Free Things To Do That Are Actually Fun


As Friday comes to an end, I started thinking to myself “what are my weekend plans?”

It was my first weekend since taking on Dry January and I actually didn’t have much on, which at first I thought was a blessing in disguise. No major weekend plans = easier to stick with Dry January, right?

Then it dawned on me – there is no way I’m sitting in like a hermit for a month just to avoid being around booze. A pretty quick search and a whole world of decent things to do came up – kinda embarrassed I’ve never looked these activities up before to be honest.

Looking for booze-free things to do this January? OK, let’s go!

1. Go to a comedy gig


I mean, who doesn’t love a good laugh? There are actually so many amazing comedy gigs on all the time in Dublin. I think I’ve been to two maybe (which is shocking) but knowing what’s out there now, I think I’ll become a well known face in the crowd by the end of the month.

The Laughter Lounge is a great shout, they have different nights on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday including Best of Irish where they pick their favourite Irish comedians and pop them into one epic show.

2. Get your culture on

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Our wonderful city is thriving with history and culture. The National Gallery is open seven days a week and admission is free to their main exhibitions.

Another personal favourite is the Natural History Museum. I remember visiting this place loads a kid but it’s probably been around 15 years or more since I’ve gone. Also open all week, you’ll discover massive skeletons and a variety of mammals, birds and fish from Ireland and around the world.

If you’re like me and a little bit obsessed with all things space related, the Science Gallery is for you. They have a great mix of exhibitions around space, anatomy and much more. Deffo worth a visit.

All of these are great options for a day out with mates or your family.

3. Get some proper fresh air

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Dust off the cobwebs, filling the lungs with fresh air, getting out and exploring the best of Ireland. Can’t beat it, right?

I’m a sucker for a good hike whether it’s Howth Head, Ticknock, The Wicklow Way, Cliffs of Moher, Mizen Head – I mean, I could literally go on, and on. Ireland is deadly and no matter where you go it’s worth it.

4. Get creative with food

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If I give up something, it’s always nice to focus your time and attention on something new. You never know what you could be good at!

Cooking classes are such a winner in my books – getting creative with new foods and friends and you get to eat your hard work at the end. What’s not to love?

Picado Mexican have a great range of classes from tortilla, enchilada and taco making, they also host supper clubs. This is such a great way to spend a few hours, I’m definitely gonna look into doing this.

5. Try yoga and brunch

Pjimage 15

Kill two birds with one stone at.. oh, wait – maybe I shouldn’t use that phrase. Enjoy two fun things at once at the gorgeous Little Bird in Portobello.

This cute cafe offers up delish grub and yoga classes so you can bulk up after a zen afternoon. They serve up amazing Badger & Dodo coffee and all are welcome to join their classes with cater for a full range of age and abilities.

Perfect weekend game plan right here.

6. Grab your mates and pop down the local

Open Gate Pure Brew Bottle Glass Shot

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How can I go to the pub and not get the usual?” There’s no point completely avoiding what you’d usually do on a weekend and you can still go to the pub without drinking.

Loads of places are now serving Pure Brew which is an unreal alcohol-free lager that actually tastes great. I’ve tried it, I’ve bought it – it’s gooood.

7. Never tried the Ghostbus Tour? Now’s your chance

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Here’s a night out with a difference!

Dublin’s famous Ghostbus Tour gives you a glimpse into the darker side of our “fair city”, bringing tales from its dark history to life through storytellers. You’ll visit the scenes of Dublin’s most horrific and shocking paranormal activities.

The Storytellers are professional actors who strike a perfect balance between comedy and horror. They throw themselves into their dark roles to the point that it’s sometimes hard to know if they are still acting.

8. Go see that play everyone’s been talking about

A19 The Ridleys 1400X600

After the buzz and excitement of December, even if you aren’t doing Dry January you can feel a bit meh about what to do with yourself.

If none of the above tickle your fancy, why not check out one of the many incredible theatre shows taking place in Dublin? Go on, it’s not panto and you know you’ll enjoy it.

The Abbey just released their 2019 season that’s chock-a-block with amazing shows and theatre tours through the month. The Great Gatsby continues its production at the Gate Theatre until mid-February too. Plenty of choice around the city!

9. Take in the city… from a new perspective

Skyline Tour 15

I’ll admit that I never knew this was a thing until now and it looks so, so good. The Ericsson Skyline Tour at Croke Park – Dublin’s highest open-viewing platform rewards brave climbers with breathtaking panoramic views of the city from mountains to the sea.

A decent thrill seeking adventure is always a winner, so if you’re ready for a 17-storey high walk, then bring your adventurous spirit to this bad boy. Just don’t forget your camera!

10. How about a bit of rock climbing?

Gall 2

This is another activity worth trying out if you’ve never done so before. I’ve done this once in London and the fear when you first walk in and see lads hanging upside down or smashing it up a wall using their chalk-covered fingertips scares the bejaysis out of you BUT, everyone has to start somewhere… right?

The Gravity Climbing Centre is perfect for first timers as it’s the best indoor bouldering place in the country. The pride themselves on exceptional route-setting (it’s mostly colour coded so don’t worry) and they offer great coaching.

Even if it’s a once off, you’ll have so much fun.