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01st Apr 2017

5 Talented Foodies Who Are Taking The Irish Food Scene By Storm


If we know one thing in Ireland, it’s food.

We’ve always punched above our weight in the food sector, producing incredible fresh produce that is exported all over the world.

While chefs like Darina Allen and Paul Rankin may have blazed a trail in decades gone by, there’s a whole host of exciting foodies ready to take up the mantle and guide us towards the best eats out there.

Here are five that should definitely be on your radar…

1. James Kavanagh & William Murray – Currabinny

Best known for his huge presence on social media, James Kavanagh set up this Irish food business with William Murray and the brand has quickly become a hit at food markets. With a tagline of ‘we make food you’d murder for’, their approach is all about using quality ingredients and embracing the oft-maligned butter and salt for maximum flavour. 

The duo say that their dream is to open their own café and with treats like White Chocolate & Pecan Banana Loaf and Pilaf of Asparagus, Broad Beans and Mint, we reckon there’ll be queues out the door!

Screen Shot 2016 09 19 At 12 39 14

2. David & Stephen Flynn – The Happy Pear

These guys have been a fixture on the food scene for a while now but their profile is still on the rise. The Happy Pear started as a veg shop but the popularity of the enthusiastic brothers has seen it grow to include a family-run natural food store, two wholefood cafés and a evening restaurant in Greystones, and a superfood sprout farm.

They’re also expanding their popular cooking courses and are a regular fixture on Irish TV and radio. If eating vegan will make us as happy as those two, we’re sold!

Screen Shot 2016 09 19 At 11 07 32

3. Ali McGardle

If you’re a fan of stunning pictures of delicious food, then you really should be following Ali on Instagram. She regularly whips up tasty treats like Rhubarb Bakewell and Banana & Salted Caramel Minis but it’s her eye for photography that really sets her apart. This isn’t just food, it’s art!

4. Russell James Alfred and Patrick Hanlon – The Gastrogays

Aside from having the best name ever, these guys run a brilliant food and travel blog that features everything from recipes to city guides. The two met while studying at DCU before moving to London to explore new territories.

They’re home cooks, obsessed with food and are obsessed with Eurovision. What’s not to love?

Gastrogays Beer Terrace Brussels Frites Drinks Travel

5. Ketty – French Foodie In Dublin

French-born Ketty moved to our shores after meeting an Irish man and studied at the Ballymaloe Cookery School to inform her reviews of cafés and restaurants around Dublin.

She also runs food tours under the moniker of Delicious Dublin Tours, encouraging people to ‘eat their way around Dublin’. As well as bringing her tours to all the best spots, she also imparts her insider knowledge of the local food scene – a must for gourmands!

Screen Shot 2016 09 19 At 12 36 18

Think we’ve forgotten any? Let us know in the comments below.