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01st Oct 2020

La Passeggiata: We took up the Italian ritual with Darren Kennedy

Brian Dillon

La Passeggiata: We took up the Italian ritual with Darren Kennedy

We took inspiration from the Italians and had a gorgeous evening stroll around Dublin City Centre with Darren Kennedy.

What is La Passeggiata, you ask? Well, it’s a lovely Italian ritual that we’ve decided to adopt. Because over the past few months, we’ve come to realise an awful lot and many of us have a newfound appreciation for the small things, like a walk.

We’ve teamed up with Peroni Nastro Azzurro to take inspiration from this time-honoured Italian tradition, La Passeggiata.

La Passeggiata is a daily ritual for many Italians. a leisurely walk or stroll, done in the late afternoon or evening, continuing as the sunsets. It is not to any specific destination, but you go with friends or family. Or you meet people along the way. It’s always enjoyable and about living life, and you almost always stop for a drink with friends in a stylish venue.

We decided to try it out and we were joined by none other than the lovely Darren Kennedy. And we had some seriously great chats.

We chatted to Darren about his love for Italian style and life lessons during lockdown:

“We’re honouring the Italian tradition of La Passeggiata, which essentially is kind of getting out for a meander, for a little stroll in the evening, with no agenda, nothing to do, but open to everything.

“I’m enjoying the more casual approach to life.

“What you wear every day and what you choose to leave the house in says something about you. The key to style, in my opinion, is a sense of effortlessness and it’s something that the Italians do so well. You see an Italian person and they just look so at ease with what they’re wearing, and super stylish. I think it’s the confidence, actually, which elevates the clothes.”

“I’ve learnt a lot of lessons during life in lockdown, but probably one of the simplest things to implement going forward is just to enjoy the moment. That’s why something like La Passeggiata, going for a stroll in the evening, is just so nice and keeps you focused on where you’re at and that’s a good thing and something I’m going to consciously try and maintain regardless of where work or life brings me in the future.”

To hear our full catch up with Darren, check out the video below.

We’ve teamed up with Peroni to celebrate this time-honoured Italian tradition. Because if we’ve learned anything in the past few months, it’s not to take the little things (such as an evening stroll) for granted.

Please enjoy Peroni Nastro Azzurro responsibly.