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20th Feb 2017

PICS: Look Inside Dublin’s Dream Offices – Part 4


Each week, we’re taking you on a virtual tour of some of the slickest offices that Dublin has to offer and we have seen some seriously snazzy fit outs.

This week, Aer Lingus has been kind enough to show us around, and just you wait till you see what they’ve got lurking behind those iconic green doors.

If you work for Aer Lingus, your office could be dotted anywhere around the airport campus, or (most excitingly) in the sky. Today we’re looking at the Head Office, which isn’t your typical workplace…

Located in a huge aircraft hangar, in the heart of Dublin Airport, there are hundreds of people working in Head Office. From here you’ve an amazing view of the hangar floor, where there are a number of Airbus A320’s and A330’s undergoing maintenance.  

The offices themselves are seriously modern and spacious. 

Some of the main features include:

  • A subsidised canteen located in the hangar itself 
  • Three floors of colourful and modern open plan office space that overlooks the hangar floor
  • The Iolar plane that undertook the first Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Bristol in 1936 on display in the hangar

Now let’s take a good look inside the building…

Aer Lingus 05
Aer Lingus 07
Aer Lingus 18
Aer Lingus 25
Aer Lingus 30
Aer Lingus 26
Aer Lingus 13
Aer Lingus 16
Aer Lingus 37

If only our offices looked like this…

If you fancy working in these offices, you can check out Aer Lingus’ career opportunities here.