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16th Feb 2017

PICS: Look Inside Dublin’s Dream Offices – Part 3


Each week, we step inside some of the best offices that Dublin and the Greater Dublin Area has to offer; this time around we’re looking at Intel in Leixlip.

Creating silicon microprocessors, drones, wearables and more, the manufacturing company is all about innovation – and that’s reflected in their vibrant office environment.

Intel aims to have the “healthiest workforce on the planet”, so they make a special effort to provide healthy lunch options as well as exercise facilities for their staff.

Some of their office’s main features include…

  • ‘EnergyPods’ where workers can take naps
  • A hair dresser’s
  • Pool and foosball tables 
  • Their own Java Republic coffee shop 
  • On-site 24-hour staff gym
  • Wellness facilities for massages

Most people want to escape their workplaces at the end of the day, whereas you’d actually want to hang out here.

Now take a good look inside the building…

Intel Offices 09
Intel Offices 03
Intel Offices 05
Intel Offices 10
Intel Offices 42
Intel Switch
Intel Offices 01
Intel Offices 12
Intel Offices 44
Intel Offices 47
Intel Offices 22
Intel Offices 29
Intel Offices 36

We’re not jealous at all.

If you fancy working in these offices, you can check out Intel’s career opportunities here.