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12th Feb 2018

One In Five People Have Lied About One Major Thing When Cooking Dinner For Someone Else


It looks like a whole lot of people out there are fibbers of the highest order… okay, maybe not the highest order, but still, they’re pretty bad.

According to a recently released survey by SuperValu, one in five people have admitted that they’ve passed off a readymade meal as their own creation… the lying swine.

Since this Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, there’s a decent chance that if your date has promised to cook you dinner, they might just pop out to the shop and nab something from the fridge to pull the wool over your innocent eyes.

You’d be able to tell the difference… right?

Don’t be so sure. In fact, 38% of those will go so far as arranging the meal on a fancy plate to hide the evidence, with 37% even putting the packaging straight in the bin outside their house to further bury their dirty little secret.

Such deceit. You should feel pretty darn bad if you’ve ever pulled this move.

Ross Shame On You

The SuperValu survey also revealed several other interesting cooking tidbits, like 78% of
those aged 55 and over proudly admit to never
suffering from a ‘kitchen fail’ on Valentine’s Day while
13% of 25-34-year-olds have undercooked the chicken and 61% favour staying in for a
home-cooked meal over venturing out for dinner.

Of course if you happen to be an atrocious cook, we’re sure your date would actually prefer if you left the meal prep to someone more qualified. SuperValu released this survey to show that they can help you out with their €15 Signature Taste readymade meal deal, that includes a main course (like Lamb Tagine or Irish Beef Brisket), side and a bottle of wine for two people. From each meal sold, €1 will be donated to Simon Community.

Just try not to lie about using ’em, kay?

Thumbs Up Yeah

Know anyone who has claimed a readymade meal as their own work? Feel free to name and shame ’em in the comments.