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23rd Apr 2019

Samsung Announce New Galaxy A80 With A Fab Rotating Camera

Brian Dillon

Let’s face it, we’re all basically photographers these days. Who doesn’t love capturing stunning moments for the ‘gram?

Well, your Instagram game is about to get a hell of a lot stronger because Samsung just announced their stunning new Galaxy A80 phone for 2019, complete with a rotating camera for all your selfie needs, an immersive screen and an all-day battery.

The 48MP main camera lets you take clear photos and videos during the day and night, and when you select selfie mode in the camera app, the three cameras automatically pop up from the back of the phone and rotate to allow you to capture the perfect selfie.

We’re living in the future now, folks.

The phone also has a Super Steady camera mode which allows you to take videos without any of the shaky nonsense.

There’s also a Scene Optimiser feature which can recognise and enhance up to 30 scenes, and it also suggests lighting adjustments to make sure that you’re getting the best possible photo you can.

And the Flaw Detection Feature automatically identifies glitches before you take the photo.

So you’ll basically be a professional photographer with this thing.

It’s also fab if you’re one for watching Netflix or playing a wee game on your daily commute, because the phone also features Samsung’s first ever Infinity Display, which means every video, game, photo or story will be super clear and immersive.

The Galaxy A80 is available in three stun colours: Angel Gold (which is like a pinkish-rose colour), Ghost White (which has blue-ish hints to it) and Phantom Black.

And it’s 2019. Nobody wants to be carrying around a phone that doesn’t look hella slick.

It’s all-day battery and super fast 25W charging technology also means that you can be out snapping pics all day without worrying about your phone dying.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like an unreal investment to me.