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13th Nov 2019

The escape game everyone is talking about is coming to Galway and Cork this weekend

Brian Dillon

the big escape Dublin escape game

This large-scale escape game looks seriously fun.

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience with your mates in Galway or Cork this weekend, look no further.

On Saturday, November 23, Dublin City was turned into a giant Escape Game. Described as ‘Pokémon Go meets escape rooms’, The Big Escape saw teams race around the city to solve puzzles, complete challenges and crack codes. Sounds like INSANE fun, right?

Well this weekend, Galwegians and Corkonians will be able to experience it all for themselves

Here’s how it works

Once you book your spot, you’ll be sent a pre-game briefing via email. On the day, arrive at the designated starting point between 10am and 2pm and use the purpose-built app on your smartphones to take part.

And your goal? Escape the city before the other teams.

The idea of the game is to take down Big Al’s casino and pull off the heist of the century with the help of Dan Rooney and his team.

Using the app, you’ll have to navigate the city, crack codes and solve puzzles. Once you and your team have completed all of the challenges, the safe in the casino will blow and you will have a mere 15 minutes to escape the city with the loot.

Think you and your pals have what it takes to work together and beat the game? Well, if you sign up, there are few prizes up for grabs.

Prizes will be awarded for different categories such as maximum points and fastest time, best gangster photo, best get-away driver photo and best gangster video.

All you’ll need is an Android or iOS phone, a costume (optional) and your absolute A-game.

G’wan, dare you!

The Big Escape will arrive in Galway and Cork on Saturday, November 30.

To find out more and to book tickets, head to