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20th Dec 2016

There’s More To Ibiza Than Just The Nightclubs – Here’s Why You Need To Check It Out


There was a time, once, when the name Ibiza was synonymous with nothing more than sleepless nights, limitless clubbing and gaudy Sky ‘reality’ documentaries.

But more recently we’ve gotten to know, despite its small size and enormous tourism industry, that it’s so much more than that. And let us tell you why.

1. Food

Bambuddha restaurant in San Juan is a truly exquisite experience, incorporating MediterrAsian cuisine with the picturesque views, deeming it the Best Fine Dining in Ibiza 2013-2016.

The restaurant itself is an all-encompassing entertainment venue, meaning your dining options are absolutely endless. Diners can choose from sitting in the main bamboo-covered dining area, your own private function room, complete with veranda, for a slightly more animated affair with friends, or a romantic table for two, under the Ibizan sky. Not fully convinced? Check out the 360° view, available on their website. 

Otherwise, if you’re hoping to pair nightlife with food be sure to check out Heart Ibiza: a joint project between brothers Albert and Ferran Adrià and Cirque du Soleil. The venue is open 24 hours and explores what happens when food, music and art collide.

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2. Mountain biking

Mountain biking is rated the number-one sport in Ibiza, and with around 30 cycling and hiking trails newly cut across an outcrop of about 220 square miles, you’re never stuck for a place to travel, be it explored by pedal or footstep.

Each route is colour-coded, according to difficulty (following the skiing system of green, blue, red and black), and are well laid out with roadside signs, as well downloadable directions on the tourist board website.

However, Route 19 (an unintimidating blue) is the one to watch, offering views worthy of any sort of leg ache.

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3. Kayaking

Exploring the Ibiza coast by kayak is a unique experience allowing you to discover hidden gems, inaccessible on foot, while you also do your body some good and get some exercise in, all under the beautiful Balearic sun.

Kayaking is really something here, because of the crystal clear waters, an indicator of environmental quality which the locals are rightly proud of.

Book yourself in on the Active Ibiza website, where you can opt for a plethora of sea and land sports. If you’re going to book at all, sunset paddles around the famous rock at Benirras beach are a must. 

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4. Beaches

The island of Ibiza is home to almost 20km of stunning, natural sandy beaches, paired with the crystal clear waters their residents are justly proud of.

Those in search of the quiet side of life may prefer to head to Portinatx, in the north of the Island, which has a refreshingly relaxing ambience, and is set against a spectacular backdrop of awe-inspiring mountains. An incredibly romantic spot to soak up the rays, and watch the sun go down.

If, however, something a little livelier is on the cards, the harbour town of Es Cana is the one for you, with ample water sports, including jet skiing, waterskiing, snorkelling and parasailing.

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5. Archaeology

You may not have thought archaeology and Ibiza go hand in hand, but little did you know, it’s actually a hub of some of the most important archaeology of the Punic era. 

The Balearic island was settled in 654BC by the Phoenicians, and boasts the most important necropolis in the Mediterranean, the Puig des Molines necropolis in Ibiza town. 

This experience immerses visitors in the mind frame of the time, leading to self-reflection and a better understanding of the present day. 

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6. Horse riding

Ibiza Horse Valley is a sanctuary that was originally set up to take in, house and rehabilitate badly treated horses, but these days, in order to get the horses their daily exercise, Horse Valley rent out the ponies for dreamy rides on the beach. 

Trekking in the north of the island is the most popular, with exciting landscapes and quiet atmospheres for the taking. 

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7. Culture

At various points throughout its history, Ibiza has played host to Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims, with each group leaving their own imperishable cultural mark.

The old quarter of Ibiza Town, D’alt Vila, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, characterised by cobbled streets and white-washed houses; an idyllic setting for you and friends to meander down the road less travelled by, and marvel at the beauty Ibiza has to offer.

In addition to its deep history, Ibiza is awash with tiny art galleries and ceramic museums, including the Centre Sociocultural S’Alameda, a quiet haven of spectacular photography and paintings, for when you’re keen to stick in the shade. 

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8. Yoga

Ibiza has always been a favourite destination for people who practice yoga and there are a plethora of yoga retreats here to choose from. 

For beginners are advanced yogis alike, Ibiza Yoga is a fan favourite, and is now in its sixteenth year. Their mission is to help people lead a healthier and more fulfilling life by providing yoga, holistic health treatments and vegetarian food at an affordable price, and in a beach setting.

Good for the mind, body and soul.

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9. And diving

Ibiza offers the diver an excellent means of discovering, up close and personal, the astounding beauty of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem. 

Underwater photographers will be in their element, as the visibility and luminosity the crystal clear waters offer is second to none, with no shortage of colours or subjects.

For more about this once in a life time opportunity, check out Arenal Diving, for all of your unanswered questions.