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15th Jan 2020

This AfterCare service is possibly the most convenient way to get your car serviced in Dublin

Brian Dillon

car serviced in Dublin

Us 9-5 folk often find ourselves racing against the clock. If we need anything done, more times than not we’ll have to show up to work late and leave early. Especially when it comes to getting our car serviced in Dublin.

Well, until now. Because Dublin now has a vehicle AfterCare workshop that is open 16 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

Windsor AfterCare

Open from 6am until 10pm in Charlestown, it’s a wonderful solution for those of us who work typical office hours and find it hard to make it to a repair shop before they close, as well as those who work odd shifts.

Windsor AfterCare offers a same day service for when something goes wrong and needs fixing immediately.

In fact, customers who book in their car before 3pm will get it back that day. Plus, there’s even an express service you can book which will get you a one-hour turnaround. Ah now, if that’s not convenience, I don’t know what is.

Windsor AfterCare Manager John O’Connor said, “We’re open during most people’s waking hours. That takes the hassle of out getting your car serviced, especially if you work shifts. A lot of our customers are Airport staff, HSE and hotel employees who work irregular hours. They don’t have to take time off work to get their car serviced and they also love the convenience of having a courtesy car.”

Windsor AfterCare technicians conduct a thorough multi-point Vehicle Health Check on each vehicle which involves a video and photos being taken to help explain to the customer what work the car needs and why.

You’ll receive an email and text link with the video, photographs and detail of the Vehicle Health Check so you can decide on any additional work on the go.

The new Windsor AfterCare workshop has 16 work bays and a team of 22 fully qualified and trusted technicians who will take the best care of your vehicle.

And it’s not just your car that gets its fix of TLC. While you wait, you can relax or grab a tea or Nespresso coffee.

Windsor AfterCare

If you want to learn more about this super convenient way to get your car serviced in Dublin, head here.