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30th Mar 2020

This five-minute pilates routine is the ultimate wake up call

Brian Dillon

Caoimhe O'Dwyer showcases her five-minute pilates exercise

Before propelling yourself into your day of working from home, take some time for your mind, body and soul. This five-minute pilates routine is ideal for just that.

It’s important to check in with your body and clear the mind before you take on the day. So, we have teamed up with VITHIT to bring you some simple and effective home workouts.

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For this quick workout, and all of the workouts we will be showcasing, there’s no need for any specific equipment or space. All you need is yourself, whether you’re doing it in the kitchen, the sitting room, the bedroom or the back garden.

Model and pilates instructor Caoimhe O’Dwyer shows us a simple, five-minute pilates morning routine that’ll help you start your day right.

Firstly, look down at your feet, making sure they’re parallel, fist distance apart. Shift forwards and backwards with your weight. Come into that space where you feel your whole body’s weight is spread evenly in your feet.

Take your two hands up to your pelvis. Tilt your pelvis forwards and backwards. Then, come into a neutral spine position and stack your spine, make sure you have a nice long neck and your chin is parallel to the floor.

Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Then, you’re going to breathe into the sides of your ribs. Open up through the side of the body, bringing one hand up and over the head while shifting your ribs out, allowing that movement to come from the ribs. Think about keeping a long body so that you’re not tilted over. Your neck can move freely but don’t drop it.

Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Now, it’s time for some lovely roll-downs. Bring the arms up and go for a lovely extension, looking up to the ceiling. Bring your arms down as you inhale and roll it down, lengthening out through those back muscles, lengthening through the hamstrings here as well. Roll it back up as you exhale, extend through the spine and look up to the ceiling. Repeat these movements another four times.

Caoimhe O'Dwyer's five-minute pilates routine to kick off your day

Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Take a nice wide stance. Bring the back heel down onto the mat. Bring your arms back and your chest up. Then come onto that back toe as you tuck the tailbone under and bend the front knee, allowing your chin to fall to the chest. Bring the heel back down and straighten the legs. Repeat these movements one more time. Then, repeat this on the opposite side.

Caoimhe O'Dwyer showing off her five-minute pilates workout

Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Bring the hands up behind the head and turn to the right, allowing your hips to go with you. Drop the elbow down to your right glute. Stand up tall and repeat on the left side. Do this once more on each side.

Caoimhe O'Dwyer stretching during her five-minute pilates routine

To release tension, bring the arms up to flex, fall down and bend the knees, allowing the head to be heavy. Repeat this another two times.

Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Caoimhe O'Dwyer finishes her five-minute pilates morning routine

Fancy more home-workouts like this five-minute pilates routine? We have teamed up with VITHIT, the low-calorie, low-sugar drink packed with vitamins, to bring you more of these handy home-workouts to keep your body and mind busy.