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22nd Aug 2017

The Ultimate Checklist For Surviving Every Irish Music Festival


Music festivals are where memories are made — but if you fail to do your preparation, they might not necessarily be good memories.

A music festival should be one of the highlights of your year, since you’re spending the weekend with mates, watching your favourite acts perform and simply getting away from your everyday life.

But if you’ve ever found yourself lost and alone with a dead phone, or you’ve been left sopping wet with no spare clothes, you’ll know how easily that weekend can be effectively ruined.

But we’re putting an end to that by you giving you a checklist that will ensure your weekend runs as smooth as can be. 

You’re gonna need the following…

1. Baby wipes

You don’t want to miss out on a single moment of craic by using one of the on-site showers, so pack enough of these moistened miracles to keep yourself fresh enough to carry on lovin’ life. 

Baby Wipes Final

2. Dry shampoo

Again, you don’t want to have a proper shower but you also don’t want to feel icky either, so include a little dry shampoo.

Dry Shampoo Final

3. Pre-planned outfits 

You can’t just wing it when it comes to festival fashion! You need to carefully consider what you’ll be wearing on a day-to-day basis — there are Instagrams to consider here, after all.

Thankfully, we’ve partnered up with the expert fashionistas at, to give you the lowdown on all the summer trends.

For more info on that, click HERE.

Festival Girls Final

4. Granola bars

These snacks are handy for filling the gap while you’re chilling in a tent that’s simply ages away from your nearest food stall.

Granola Bars Final

5. Hand sanitiser

You may be noticing a cleanliness trend here, that’s because it’s one of those things that’s likely to spoil an otherwise amazing experience. Keep your hands super clean and you’ll find yourself being a lot less anxious.

Hand Sanitiser Final

6. Power bank

Everyone’s experienced the panic of being lost at festival, cut off from friends with no way to contact them because your phone has died. Simply have a power bank handy and that quickly becomes a problem of the past. 

Power Bank Final

7. Toilet paper

At a festival, this could literally save your life. No exaggeration.

Toilet Paper Final

8. Sunglasses

When the sun shines at an Irish festival, there really is no place you’d rather be. Pack your coolest shades for just such an eventuality.

Sunglasses Final

9. Rain jacket

We’re a peculiar sort in Ireland, in that we’re perfectly aware that we live in an extremely rainy country, yet we steadfastly refuse to buy clothes that properly protect ourselves from it. Do the sensible thing and get yourself a rain jacket pronto.

Rain Jacket Final

10. A good quality tent

I presume you don’t want to be woken up by rain dripping in your face, so splurge on a decent quality that’ll actually be of use.

Tent Final

11. Spare socks and shoes

Wet feet are a special kind of hell. When it comes to festivals, you can never have enough photographs, banter or footwear.

Socks Final

12. Wellies

You might not look particularly hip in a pair of these, but it’s so worth it to have perfectly dry toes.

Wellies Final

13. A sleeping bag

So you can be snug. 

Not unlike a bug.

Located in a rug.

Sleeping Bag Final

14. Oral hygiene bits ‘n’ bobs

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, you’ll want it all! Trust us, whoever shares your tent will thank you for it.

Oral Hygiene Final

15. Camping chairs

In a campsite, these are considered the height of luxury.

Camping Chairs Final

16. Plastic bags

Your stuff is gonna get wet or dirty — this is inevitable. You want to contain your wet stuff so it doesn’t dampen your lovely dry clothes too and plastic bags are the answer. 

We guarantee you’ll get the use out of ’em.

Big Bags Final

17. A flashlight

These are handy as campsites can get pretty dark and, while your mobile probably has its own torch, you’ll want to converse your phone’s battery for finding friends and whatnot.

Flashlight Final

18. ID

Always vital. 

Id Final

19. Cash

Not all the vendors at the festival is gonna accept card, so avoid being stuck by having a healthy sum of cash money on your person.

Cash In Envelope Final

20. Ticket

Don’t be that person who gets all the way to the festival just to realise you left your ticket at home. 

Just don’t.

Festival Ticket Final

And that’s it! Once you’ve got all these essentials packed, you’re ready for anything an Irish music festival can throw at you.