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12th Jul 2017

How To Update Your Summer Wardrobe


Brought to you by maven46

Another season, another wardrobe? Well, not quite. Despite the common feeling that in order to stay on trend we must replace our entire closet at the start of each new season, there really is no need. 

Investing in a few select pieces has the power to refresh your current wardrobe, transforming it from “so last season” to “so on trend”. So, although the Irish weather is predictably 100% Irish and by that very nature unpredictable, the one thing we can count on is adapting our wardrobe to ensure we stay stylish no matter what the summer may bring.

Of course, we’re not saying to ditch your last season buys completely. In fact, we’re still reaching for some of our favourites from last year but if you’re looking to give your wardrobe a fresh update for 2017, these are the pieces to note.

Below, we’ve teamed up with Bulmers Light to round up six of the biggest fashion trends from last year and the key pieces that are set to topple them off the top spot for this summer of style.

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