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20th Dec 2016

Ready to Re-Explore Dublin? Follow This Trail For The Perfect Weekend In The City


Dublin City has plenty of well-known haunts, but it can still surprise you now and again.

How many of us wander the city with our heads to our toes, moving through crowds and places without stopping to take it all in? There has to be a reason Dublin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so it would be a shame to take our surroundings for granted.

Luckily by crafting the perfect day out in Dublin, we’ve done all the hard work for you. From some of the best coffee in the city, to memorable experiences, and incredible food; if it makes this list, it’s definitely worth a visit.

This city’s made for good company, good food and good times, and that is exactly what this trail will give you. So look up, open your eyes and explore your city with our specially curated trail.

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1. Grab a coffee in Rosie’s Cafe, Werburgh Street

This trail offers you a jam-packed day, so preparation is key. There are some wonderful places in Dublin to get your caffeine fix and Rosie’s Cafe is one of them.

2. Take a foodie tour, Essex Street

Eat your way around Dublin with the Delicious Dublin Tour. You will spend three hours wandering the cobbled streets, stopping at cafés and food shops for talks and (most importantly) tastings.

3. Try and escape from Adventure Rooms, Little Britain Street

Are you and your friends up to the task? This is an exciting way to spend an hour! Get locked in a room with your friends, with only a few clues as to how to get out. It’s a race against time to escape within the hour and get the quickest escape time ever!

4. Take a trip to the Temple Bar Food Market, Temple Bar

The Temple Bar Food Market is held every Saturday in the heart of Dublin’s cultural quarter. This foodies paradise is nestled among the streets of Dublin’s city centre.

5. Take a walk through George’s Arcade, South Great George’s Street

You can find anything in George’s Arcade! With the mix of eclectic shops, you can find anything from a new piercing to a 1950s inspired cocktail dress. If you are still feeling a little peckish, indulge your sweet tooth with some frozen yoghurt at Yogism. 

6. Go for a drink in Tod Hunter Pyms, Fade Street

This small bar on Fade Street is a relatively well kept secret, and perfect for a quiet drink, but don’t start thinking this pub is anything but exciting. The bar took its name from Joseph Tod Hunter Pym, a Dublin native who was a regular at the Hellfire Club!

7. Grab dinner right on the water, Docklands.

Head over and check out a brand new restaurant in The Docklands. The menu at Charlotte Quay has followed an ethos of reimagining classic dishes with an international feel, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean and further east.

8. Watch the sun go down and the city light up,  Sir John Rogerson Quay

Get the best vantage point over the River Liffey from The Ferryman Townhouse, located just beside the iconic Samuel Beckett bridge. The best a Dublin pub has to offer; a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s held onto its historical character.