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14th Apr 2020

Young people in Ireland can now avail of loads of free online courses

Brian Dillon

Vodafone has launched an online portal with loads of free courses

Are you looking to learn a new skill while you’re at home? Vodafone X has now made Level Up, their handy upskilling portal full of physical and online experiences free for everyone aged 18-25 during the Covid-19 outbreak.

We live in an age with absolutely loads of online resources out there. So it can be difficult to know where to start.

Along with the standard calls, texts and data, Vodafone X offer free access to Level Up with their student mobile plan. They’ve now made this free for all young people in Ireland aged 18-25 to help them learn a new skill and keep themselves occupied, regardless of their network operator. It’s a one-stop-shop for a heap of handy tools and materials to help you learn something new, improve your skills or pursue your passion.

So, what online courses are there?

Vodafone Level Up

For anyone looking to advance their audio skills, there are great online courses such as Editing with Live Sound, Recording Vocals Like a Pro and Fingerstyle Guitar.

There are also some unreal free online courses in all things visual such as DSLR Photography, Colour Grading for Filmmaking, DIY Cinematography, The Art of Photography, Nature Photography and Product Photography.

In terms of Art and Design, you can complete courses like Digital Poster Design, Typographic Logos, Design Digital Products and Graphic Design Basics.

If Entertainment Arts is more you, then you can try your hand at online courses like Singing Like a Pro, Choreographic Elements for All, Commercial Casting for Actors, Voiceover Masterclass, Acting Techniques Masterclass and How to Win the Internet.

For those budding young entrepreneurs out there, there is a fabulous range of entrepreneurial courses such as The Staples of Branding, Art of the Start, Creative Small Business Essentials, E-Commerce Essentials, Presentation Essentials and Going Freelance.

And finally, there are some brilliant free online courses to do with tech such as The Ultimate HTML Developer Course, Mobile App Prototyping, Modern CSS, Programming Graphics, Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Showcasing Your Work.

Vodafone has launched loads of free online courses for everyone aged 18-25

During these uncertain times, Vodafone X want to ensure all students on all networks, stay safe at home, keep entertained and have the opportunity to Level Up their skills. That’s why the normally exclusive to Vodafone X platform is open to all 18-25 year olds. So get creating, learning and experimenting!

Students need to go onto the website and request a code. Once they receive via email, they can choose whatever course they’re interested in.

Once you’ve become an expert in your chosen skill, you can showcase it online using the hashtag #VodafoneXLevelUp on Instagram or Twitter. You never know where this could take you!

To find out more about this class free upskilling resource, head here.