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21st Sep 2021

Anti Social introduces Club Gabagool this Wednesday

Katy Thornton

If you’re a fan of The Sopranos, you’ve got to attend this event!

Every Wednesday from 22nd September, Anti Social is hosting Club Gabagool. The Sopranos, which ended in 2007, is getting something of a renaissance lately. This week The Sopranos prequel film airs in cinemas and now Anti Social on Francis Street is paying homage to it too.

Club Gabagool will consist of The Sopranos playing on their projector and wine specials by the glass. Perhaps most exciting of all, you will get a free plate of gabagool with every bottle of wine purchased.

Essentially, if you’re a huge fan of The Sopranos, or you’ve just always wanted to taste gabagool, which is just capicola or pork shoulder for those wondering, Anti Social on Wednesday evenings is the place to be.

You can book on their website now. Anti Social opens 4-10pm on Wednesdays.

Header image via Instagram/antisocial.dublin

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