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07th Oct 2019

Take A Bite Out Of Dublin With This Walking Literary Food Tour

Sarah Finnan

Ireland is renowned for its literary heroes, from James Joyce to Samuel Beckett, W.B. Yeats and of course Seamus Heaney.

Not to mention Bram Stoker.

This year the Bram Stoker Festival is combining the best of the literary and culinary worlds with a Bram Stoker walking food tour.

The tour will delve into the lesser-known life of the man behind the infamous Dracula, taking visitors to Dublin haunts associated with his past all while sampling some grub inspired by Stoker, Victorian Dublin and his previous works.

Led by expert historian Valeria Cavalli, she certainly knows her Stoker trivia.

The tour is set to start off at Dublin Castle with some treats. From there it will move on to Loose Canon Cheese and Wine for a colourful dish inspired by one of Bram’s earlier novels. Next is Niall Sabongi’s Seafood Café, which as a seafood lover I can confirm is a definite highlight.

The final stop is Dawson Lounge, Dublin’s tiniest pub with a special toast to the man himself.

Tickets are in hot demand with very few left, but all going well this will mark the start of a new business venture that will see the tour expand to include other eateries and literary figures.

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