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02nd Aug 2018

This Weekly ‘Pizza And Wine’ Night In Dublin Mountains Has Us Giddy For The Weekend

Darragh Berry

You know how this goes by now.

We like pizza, you like pizza. You like wine and we’ll have some too thanks for asking.

And most importantly, we like adventures so a pizza and wine night surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of the Dublin Mountains sounds unreal.

The Hazel House in Tibraddden of the Dublin Mountains is a hidden beauty that is only 30 minutes drive from the city centre.

Every Friday night, they host a pizza and wine night and it looks d-bomb.

All their pizzas are homemade and wood fired created and when it comes to the wine, it’s take your pick.

It would be the perfect way to unwind after a long week turning the wheels at work.

We never knew a concept so simple could be so cool and relaxing.

You can find more information on their Facebook page here.

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