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18th Oct 2019

The Space Between is set to hold it’s first art exhibition next week

Alan Fisher

The Space Between opened up last month and is a new contemporary Yoga and event space which is tucked away on Fenian Street.

With not one, but two studios, the new creative space offers yoga, hot yoga, and meditation. The studios, named Here and Now respectively, are vastly different with one basking in natural light and the other a darker more contemplative space.

As founder Dave Smith puts it “The Space Between feels like the opposite of everything else being developed in the city at the moment, it is the antithesis of modern development. It is about people, those who helped create it, those who continually fuel it and those who engage with it”.

Now, The Space Between is ready to hold their first art exhibition next Thursday, October 24 from 7pm.

A collaboration between James Kirwan and John O’Reilly exploring the concept of The Space Between from both a personal and collective perspective.

James’ images are borrowed consciously and put through subconscious rituals, allowing intuition to lead. Abstract forms, plant life, digital imagery, rock formations and colorful experimentation all combine to create a psychedelic visionary meeting ground – That Space Between.

John O’Reilly’s sequence of spray-paint pieces explores the space between graffiti letters and geometric abstraction. Compositions are initially based on negative space extracted from graffiti sketches. Then the letter’s origins are progressively redesigned and disrupted.

The collaborative works are free frontier between John and James’ styles. The designs were passed back and forth between them, adding and stirring form and color. A developmental process continued during their execution through elements of improvisation.

This exhibition will feature a VR installation where you will be able to immerse yourself in a collaborative piece.