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27th Nov 2019

Butlers is running a festive tour of their chocolate factory

Sarah Finnan

Have you ever fancied a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Obviously, the answer is yes, because who hasn’t.

Well, a trip to Butlers might just be the next best thing.

Launching their Christmas Factory Tour, you’ll get the chance to find out what really goes on behind the doors of a real working chocolate factory.

Self-described “chocolate masters” since 1932, they definitely know what they’re talking about when it comes to the sweet treat.

You don’t even need a golden ticket to do the tour.

Visitors will be able to watch the process of how the ingredients are whipped together to transform into boxes of luxury chocolates, chocolate bars, fudge, toffee and hot chocolate.

Imagine seeing this in person.–8niFu/

I reckon the chocolate would hypnotise you.

Activities throughout the day include a movie on the origins of chocolate and the history of Butlers as well as an interactive chocolate museum and a gallery walk-through with a bird’s eye view of the factory.

And of course, there will be complimentary chocolate tastings.

Even the man in the big red suit will make an appearance, closely flanked by Mrs Claus who will be on hand for all storytelling needs.

Finish the day by decorating your own hollow Santa with lashings of melted liquid chocolate and chocolate flakes, wrapped up and topped with a bow. Don’t think mine would even make it under the tree, but hey let’s keep up the illusion.

Check out the website for more details on Santa’s festive residency and info on how to book.

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