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20th Dec 2016

A Definitive List Of The Top 10 Desserts In Dublin You Simply Have To Try 


If you are like me and have an incredibly sweet tooth then the last course when having a meal out will be the highlight. A good dessert can often cap a dining experience and turn it from run of the mill into highly memorable. Dublin has no shortage of great desserts on the menu but we wanted to pick 10 of the best that you simply have to try before you die (or just leave the capital!). You might want to sign up for a new gym membership before you get stuck in to these…

10th. Panna Cotta – Coppinger Row

This is the simplest dessert on the list (bit of cream or milk and vanilla) but it is the precision with which they deliver the final product that makes it stand out. Perfect every single time I’ve had it and the fresh fig and little crispy biscuit it comes with are just to die for. Incredible.


9th. Pecan Pie – Le Petit Parisien

La Petit Parisienne has one of the most mouth watering display’s of cakes in the city, and we find it hard to walk past there without popping in and picking something up. Their pecan pie is a firm favourite that we think is hard to beat. You can have this in the cafe or even better grab one to go and wander up Grafton Street holding it and taking the world in.


8th. The Brownie – Bother Hubbards

Brownies comes in all shapes and sizes and debate often rages about the best in class. Crunchy? Gooey? Soft in the middle? You can argue all you want but once you taste the one down in Hubbard’s on Capel Street you’ll agree that nothing comes close to beating this little beauty in Dublin.


7th. The Soufflé In The Greenhouse

Well known as one of the hardest desserts in the world to perfect and one which chefs often have nightmares about. You won’t find a better version than the one The Greenhouse have on their tasting menu (flavour varies) and with a spoonful of sorbet on top and hot sauce poured into the centre it really is like eating a small slice of heaven.

6th. Cheesecake – Yamamori

This was a new one to me but tons of people demanded it be on the list. To be honest I’ve never tried a dessert in here as am normally eating in Yamamori as part of my latest health buzz but the power of social media and the people I know means this had to make the list.


5th. Banoffee – Fade Street Social

This is a classic dessert that was well out of fashion just a few years ago but Dylan McGrath has put a popular new slant on it in his lively spot in town. Probably enough here for a couple of you but we say be greedy and have a whole one for yourself!


4rd. Nutella Cheesecake – San Lorenzo’s

We only had this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and we nearly fell off our chair with excitement as the first spoonful hit out mouth. Rich, velvety and so luscious it could even make Vladamir Putin crack out with major LOLs if he tasted it.


3rd. Pavlova – Any Of The Avocas

To say that the dessert portions are big in Avoca would be an understatement. Desperate Dan would take a look at it and ask for a half portion. The slice you get here would easily feed three and it is equal parts delicious and sublime all in one.


2nd. Lolly And Cooks – Caramel Brownie with Cranberry and White Chocolate

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these you are going to be transported to a different planet in terms of the tastes exploding in your mouth. Perfect balance of flavors and washed down with one of their awesome coffees this is the only way to finish off your lunch!


1st. Chocolate Fondant – Locks Brasserie

Ask most people (girls especially) and they’d say that chocolate would have to top the list, and when it comes to a dessert that is decadent, rich and tastes amazing it would have to be the fondant. In this city hands down the best one you will get is at the wonderful Locks. Best tenner you’ll ever spend.


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