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27th Mar 2018

Hanging? Here Are Seven Unreal Spots For A Post-Paddy’s Day Brunch

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

So you’ve woken up a little groggy this morning, ok no – let’s be real here, VERY F*CKING GROGGY, ouch! 

Dry mouth, sore head, sleepy eyes – there’s only one thing for you the day after Paddy’s my friend, and that is a whopper bit of grub. 

Now if you’re feeling on the near-death side of the hangover from hell, we imagine the last thing you want to do is to spend time trawling through the web to find somewhere to eat. Well, don’t you worry – we’ve done the hard work for you.

Now all you need to do is try get yourself out of that bed, we know it might take some time but once you make it to one of these unreal spots you’ll be on a one-way road to recovery. (We promise!)

1. Dillenger’s – Ranelagh 

This is the perfect place to fill up on a hearty brunch dish. 

They have a huge menu that includes a little bit of everything, so even if you’re feeling a little too fragile for their decadent Huevos Rancheros (they are top class), you can have a light bite too. 

When I’m hungover, all I really need is some grub, some OJ and about 400 litres of coffee. The coffee here is what dreams are made of – strong and as black as your memory from last night. 

Comfort food at its finest.

2. The Back Page – Phibsborough 

A deadly pub with an even deadlier brunch menu – say hello to The Back Page.

This edgy sports bar is the perfect place to go to chill after a heavy night on the town. It’s got games, multiple screens and comfy couches for you to sink your limp, hungover-self into. If you’re someone who needs another pint to cure you, sure look the pints here are class.

Their brunch menu however, is legit one of my absolute faves on the Northside. They are masters turning eggs into a fricken deadly, flavoursome dish. 

The Avodaise Eggs is my top pick, gooey, sticky, smokey, spicy – just bloody wonderful tbh. 

3. Sophie’s – Harcourt Street 

This open-plan eatery has one of the best views in the whole of Dublin city. 

They serve all the brunch favourites, their pancakes are proper whopper (especially the orange butter, OMFG).

If you’re like me and you’re a sucker for juice after a night on the town, their carrot, ginger, apple and kale juice is an absolute winner. It is the ideal cure and a deadly energy boost when you’re feeling dodge.

4. Pot Bellied Pig – Rathmines 

There is absolutely no way in hell that I could write a list of Dublin’s best brunch spots and not include this baby-pink, beauuuutifully decorated restaurant, it really is heaven on earth. 

Their brunch menu is my muse and I’m properly addicted. They specialise in the tastiest pork dishes in the big smoke and they serve Cloud Picker Coffee, the perfect pick me up for hungover heads. 

Their chilli bowl is the ultimate comfort soakage.

5. Meet Me In The Morning – Pleasants Street

Say hello to the cutest brunch spot in town.

Meet Me In The Morning source all of their grub from Dublin and it’s fresh AF, in both senses. 

Voted Best Cafe in Dublin 2017 at the Irish Restaurant Awards, Meet Me In The Morning is one of our absolute favourite spots to go for some grub and a coffee.

6. Angelina’s – Percy Place

Angelina’s is just a stone’s throw away from our beloved Lovin Dublin offices and it’s very difficult not to drool every single time we walk by.

If you’re looking to indulge, their pancakes are out of this world good and they will be sure to bring you back to life.

What’s that? The sound of a rumbling stomach?

7. Two Pups – Francis Street 

This place is a haven for brunch lovers. It’s cool, it’s hip and it’s downright deadly for food.

It’s got loads of healthy options if you’re feeling a little guilty after last night. Their coffee is a godsend when you’re head a thumping and you need to refuel.

Happy munching!

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