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08th Nov 2023

Top 10 tips for getting your business ready for Christmas

Sarah McKenna

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From preventing staff burnout to future-proofing the menu there are plenty of steps to take before the Christmas period

Whether you run a café, a restaurant or a retail store, there’s no denying that Christmas has a habit of sneaking up on business owners each year. For most businesses, Christmas can be the most intense and strenuous time during the year, a time when customers are stressed, staffing is limited and demand is through the roof. Indeed, preparation for the festive period is key and it’s never too early to ensure that you have all your ducks in a row.

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Once you have these solutions in place, there are still plenty of ways you can ready yourself for the festive period. To ease you into it, we quizzed two leading figures in the Irish hospitality scene – restauranteur Robin Gill and TV chef/author Kwanghi Chan– to share their top tips for getting your business ready for Christmas:

Robin Gill

10. “Make sure you are fully stocked”

Preparation is key for Christmas, and that starts with inventory. Keep a close eye on your stock and ensure that you’re covered for the busy period.

9. “Make sure you are fully staffed”

Don’t delay in sorting the Christmas rosters. Communicate with your staff now and ensure you are well covered in advance of Christmas.

8. “Get everyone pumped”

With busy days, long hours and lots to do, it’s vital to support your staff and keep morale high throughout Christmas and beyond. Foster a positive atmosphere in your business, and check in on your team to see how they’re doing.

7. “Plan a great Christmas party for January”

Not only will this give you the opportunity to share how much you appreciate your team, but it will also give you something to look forward to once the Christmas rush is over.

6. “Enjoy!”

Time absolutely flies throughout this busy period, so make sure you make an effort to enjoy the rush.


5. “Make sure your staff is happy, have a lot and look after them”

Your staff are your business’ lifeline, so make sure you mind them.

4. “Perfect the menu mix”

If you’re in the food and drink industry, experiment at home in order to come up with a beautifully balanced Christmas menu.

3. “Treat customers like a guest in your house”

Everyone who steps into your business deserves a warm welcome, so when customers pop by, give them the VIP treatment.

2. “Have a big party before Christmas”

Set some time aside now to plan a staff get-together, and enjoy one last hurrah before the Christmas rush.

1. “Have a big party after Christmas”

Once the dust has settled on the festive period, gather your team and celebrate a successful season with a much-needed staff party.

Best of luck over the busy period and happy Christmas!

Robin Gill is the owner of multiple restaurants and has worked with some huge names in the industry, including Marco Pierre White. In 2013, he opened his London-based kitchen. Kwanghi Chan is the owner and founder of Bites by Kwanghi. He has also worked as a Bord Bia representative, and he is perhaps best known for his regular appearances on the Six O’Clock Show.