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16th Oct 2017

DCU Are Getting Trolled After Their Panicked Tweet To The Taoiseach This Evening

Megan Cassidy

There’s been a mixed bag of reactions to the impending arrival of hurricane Ophelia. 

A red weather warning has been extended across the entire country, with public transport services suspended and many businesses and institutions locking up shop. 

While some are celebrating a duvet day and stocking up on wine and supplies, others are losing the run of themselves with the panic online. 

Whoever is tweeting for DCU this evening seems to have fallen victim to the hysteria, and suffered a small slip up that Twitter is getting absolute mileage from. 

When Taoiseach Leo Varadkar tweeted a public announcement confirming the nationwide red weather warning, DCU’s response seemed a little haphazard… 

Although the reply was quickly deleted, the internet latched on, and people are running with it. 

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