The Craic, Costumes And Camaraderie In Cardiff Looks Absolutely Class

The Irish have taken over Wales today


With two huge Irish matches today, it feels like the whole country is already thinking about how to take tomorrow off should we win them both.

While many watch the games here, the craic in Cardiff looks off the charts, with tonnes going to huge effort for the big game. Come on you boys in green, let's get this done and have one hell of a party tonight!

The Irish are coming in their thousands form London on trains

There were 10 trains full of Irish coming this morning from London alone

And some are even making the trip by private boat

These lads definitely have the best outfit for the match

It's a religious affair for many

And as you would expect the pubs are packed

Come on Ireland!!!

Judging by these guys accents, you don't even need to be Irish to support Ireland

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