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05th Sep 2018

Escape The City Within The City – Five Lovely Walks That Will Make You Forget Where You Are

Alana Laverty

Got the day off or making plans for the weekend? A good stretch-of-the-legs is essential.

But there’s no need to go trekking far out — these five lovely walks are all within the city itself.

Pull on them runners and get out there.

1. Herbert Park, Ballsbridge

No better place for a leisurely stroll, Herbert Park is a quick bus ride, or 35-minute walk, from the city centre.

It’s a dog-friendly park, so bring your pup out for the day.

Plenty of gorge places to grab a bite afterwards, too.

2. The Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

If it’s an adventure you’re looking for this Saturday afternoon then look no further than our National Botanic Gardens over in Glasnevin.

With plenty of glasshouses to wander through, ponds to gaze at and plants to take Instagrams of — you won’t be bored.

They also have a lovely lil tea room to treat yourself to something nice in afterwards.

3. The Phoenix Park, D8

A day lost in Phoenix Park is always a day well spent.

If you didn’t cross paths with a cute deer did you even go to Phoenix Park?

This vast inner city park is perfect for a long walk or run.

4. Island Bridge

The ideal place to stroll along The River Liffey, and your perfect chance to creep on all the rowers.

As short or as long of a walk as you want to make it.

5. Irishtown Nature Park

I cannot find fault with the walking trails along the Poolbeg Peninsula.

Gorge views for miles.

If it’s a good runn you’re after this afternoon, there’s a wonderful running track in Irishtown which you can use on a pay-as-you-go basis

Stretch them legs, folks.

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