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13th Apr 2020

Don Conroy is hopping aboard the Tiger King bandwagon with his latest tutorial

Sarah Finnan

Draw with Don

Don Conroy is teaching us how to draw a tiger in light of the recent Tiger King mania.

A man of many talents, Don Conroy is best known to 90s kids as Uncle Don – thanks to his regular guest appearance on RTE’s The Den. A staple on children’s daytime TV, he’d pop on alongside Dustin the Turkey, Socky and Zig and Zag, greeting us all with a big smile as he taught us how to draw.

And his return to primetime TV has been met with much enthusiasm, especially given the current circumstances when people have been turning to all sorts of hobbies and pastimes for entertainment – trying their hand at everything from baking to gardening to art.

Having launched his own YouTube channel, due to popular demand, Uncle Don has been helping the nation out by posting regular video tutorials to keep us busy.

Only a couple of weeks old, Draw With Don already has seven step-by-step tutorials up. No stranger to the Tiger King mania that is gripping the country at the minute, Don is hopping aboard the bandwagon with his latest video… showing viewers how to draw a tiger.

“Lots of talk about tigers these days so… DRAW WITH DON – Let’s draw a TIGER.”

The video opens with Don quoting a line from a famous William Blake poem: “Tyger, Tyger, burning bright. In the forest of the night”. After which he goes on to show us how to mirror his colourful masterpiece.

We’re going to name ours Joe Exotic.

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