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24th Jul 2018

The Lighthouse Is Putting On 11 Screenings Of ‘The Dark Knight’ For Its Tenth Anniversary

James Fenton

There’s plenty of movies out there that created a bit of a buzz when they first came out but not many can compare to the excitement ahead of the release of The Dark Knight in 2008.

Cinema-goers worldwide flocked to their local picture houses in their millions in anticipation of seeing Christian Bale’s Batman go up against Heath Ledger’s psychotic Joker.

While the death of Ledger earlier that same year no doubt led to increased interest in the movie, his performance did the hype justice as the Australian gave arguably the greatest villain performance of all time for movie lovers to remember him by.

Now, to celebrate The Dark Knight‘s 10th anniversary, the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield is putting on 11 screenings of the Christopher Nolan flick over the next couple of weeks.

The movie will be shown at the following times:

Friday July 27 – 9pm (sold out), 9.15pm

Saturday July 28 – 4.10pm, 10pm

Sunday July 29 – 3.15pm, 8.30pm

Monday July 30 – 3pm, 9pm

Tuesday July 31 – 8.30pm

Wednesday August 1 – 8.30pm

Thursday August 2 – 4.30pm

Fancy catching it all again for old time’s sake? Tickets can be found here.

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