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09th Sep 2021

Lovin Games Weekly – It is all about 2010 remasters this week!

Rory Cashin

Your weekly round-up of all things gaming has arrived!

Not sure what to spend your hard-earned money on? Or what you should be saving it for? We got you covered…


Sonic Colors: Ultimate

If you love Sonic but felt that some of his more recent games haven’t been great, then this remaster of the 2010 Wii game will come as some good news!

A mix of the eye-popping 3D levels and a re-interpretation of some of the classic 2D speed platforming, the game looks better than ever on the next-gen systems. They’ve also added some (but not A LOT) of new gaming additions, just to help catch up on where platform gaming is now a full decade later.

Sonic Colors is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch.


Alan Wake remaster on the way with rumours of a sequel inbound, too

Another game that was initially released in 2010, we’ve been told that a remaster of the creepy horror mystery Alan Wake is definitely on the way for next-gen consoles. While the creators of the game went on to continually create new properties such as Quantum Break and Control, anyone who might’ve missed out on Wake’s adventures first time around should be able to get their hands on the update before the year is out.

HOWEVER… all of this talk of a remaster is getting the rumour mills going that a sequel is also on the way, especially since Wake appeared as part of a DLC in Control. Watch this space…


Days Gone

While zombie games are kinda played out (gaming joke, nailed it), there are some new ideas within the world of Days Gone. First of all, you’re part of a biker gang – or more than one biker gang, should you so feel like it – which helps give the open world a bigger feel as you traverse across it on your gnarly hog.

Secondly, the “swarm” effect of the zombies – bringing to mind the bigger scenes of World War Z – will have you panicking and running in the opposite direction as far as the map will allow!

Days Gone is available on the PS Store until September 15th, marked down from €39.99 to €23.99.

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