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PIC: Picture This’ 3Arena Concert Announcement Is Surely Record Breaking

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This is madness, we’re sure that something like this has never been done before.

We were all waiting patiently as Picture This announced last night that at 3pm today (Wednesday), they would have a massive announcement to make.

So we waited and eventually, just after 3:10pm, the Facebook Live feed began and we thought that their huge announcement was the fact that they are releasing their highly anticipated second album titled: ‘Modern Love’.

But no, there was more.

Then, their new song from the upcoming album ‘One Drink’ got its first spin on 2FM with the help of Eoghan McDermott.

McDermott interviewed the boys after the song finished and asked what was the story with a tour.

And then they dropped this massive bomb on us.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Picture This have announced that they will be playing a massive five nights in a row at Dublin’s 3Arena next year.

They will play in the famous capital venue from 27 March until 31 March. That means they will be playing to about 65-67k people if each night sells out, which you know it will.

The band admitted that after signing to major US record label, Republic Records, their next ambition was to become “the biggest band in the world” and this crazy announcement will surely cement that fact.

It’s only a matter of time before they’re rocking out in Croke Park and who knows, they might give Garth a run for his money with how many nights they could possibly sell out there.

The Dublin gigs go on sale next Wednesday, 24th October at 9am.

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