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13th Oct 2018

An International Protest Has Been Organised As Meghan Markle’s “Bully” Comes To Dublin

James Fenton

Royal watchers will be interested to know that Samantha Markle, half-sister of Prince Harry’s new wife Meghan, will be appearing on The Ray D’Arcy Show tonight.

Samantha, who shares the same father with Meghan, is jetting into the capital to discuss her relationship with her half-sister and the reasons why she was turned away from Kensington Palace by security last weekend. The 52-year-old has given multiple interviews around the world but this will be her first time appearing on Irish television.

Meanwhile, an American Twitter account by the name of @MizFlagPin has called on followers to email their objections into The Ray D’Arcy Show while a ‘tweet-up’ protest by the name of ‘Samantha Markle Comeuppance Day!’ has been organised for 9.55pm Irish time.

The account displays a lot of anti-bullying material and one tweet calls out The Ray D’Arcy Show for allowing Samantha to appear, saying ‘I struggle to understand the corrupt nature of these shows and news outlets that give a platform to bullying. What if it happened to someone they love? Would they bring the bully on their show to give them a high 5? Sad.’

If you want to tune in to hear what Samantha has to say, The Ray D’Arcy Show airs on RTÉ One tonight at 9.55pm.

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