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01st Apr 2020

Parents might be enjoying RTE’s Home School Hub as much as their kids

Darragh Murphy

RTE's Home School Hub

Those who might have initially been cynical about RTE’s Home School Hub initiative have quickly come around to the idea.

After just three days of RTE’s Home School Hub, it’s fair to say that it’s got off to a storming start and children are loving the engaging and interactive form of learning.

The daily programme sees three teachers – Múinteoir Ray, Múinteoir John and Múinteoir Clíona – cater their lessons to students from first to sixth class in a fun way.

Parents have been singing RTE’s praises for keeping their children entertained every morning with a different approach to education.

And now it seems as though mothers and fathers around the country are getting as much enjoyment out of the hour-long show as the little ones.

The older viewers got a great kick out of Wednesday morning’s lesson in particular, when Múinteoir Clíona appeared to save herself from swearing with a well-timed ‘Siúcra’.

Judging by social media updates, kids all around Ireland are glued to the programme once it begins at 11am every day.

And for the most part, parents and older siblings have realised that they seem to be getting as much out of the show as the ones who the programme is aimed at.