Paul Mescal spends the night in Workman's, thus formally ending the venue's flop era

By Fiona Frawley

February 24, 2023 at 12:30pm


They get knocked down. But they get up again. You're never, and I mean never, gonna keep those Workmen down.

If there's anything guaranteed to work wonders for a businesses image, it's Paul Mescal popping in for a pint and a bop. It's fairly undeniable that the Irish-speaking, mullet-wielding Oscar nom is the man of every hour - in the eyes of his fellow countrymen and countless adoring fans further afield, he can do no wrong.

Paul arrived in Dublin yesterday for the premiere of his new film God's Creatures at the Light House, and you may have noticed the frenzied state of Irish Twitter as rumoured sightings of him at various locations around the city began to crop up. Some said they saw him on the Powerscourt steps with a pint from Grogan's, some said he was traipsing around with a 12 pack of Denny's sausages in each hand. However, more say he headed to Workman's for a celebratory boogey on the infamous black-and-white tiles.

As those who keep an eye on Gen Z discourse may know, the youth of Dublin declared Workman's to be in its 'flop era' last summer - a tough blow to ageing millennials like myself whose entire personality has been shaped around 3-sol-for-a-tenner deals and post-bop slices from Di Fontaine's.


An interesting sentiment, but surely not one they could stand by knowing now that Workman's is where the most loved man in Ireland likes to head for a pint?

To be fair, we don't know for sure if it's where he likes to go, or simply where he was dragged to after the premiere. But those of us who hold a special place in our hearts for the divisive quayside spot will no doubt be smugly patting ourselves on the back today, knowing that while we're too old ourselves to head to Workman's anymore, at least it's still as cool as we remember it was.

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