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18th Dec 2018

PIC: Picture This Are Playing A Secret Gig Tonight In Dublin But Here’s The Information

Darragh Berry

Picture This are playing a secret gig on Tuesday night in Dublin and it goes without saying that they’ve sent their fans crazyyyyyyyy with the news.

In fairness, they did hint at this at the start of the week when they tweeted: “we’re going to have to play ‘This Christmas’ in Dublin at some stage, aren’t we?”

This quote was enough to see fans going daft online and now it’s been confirmed that they will play a hush-hush gig in the capital.

They’ve given away absolutely no fecking information except that it’ll be somewhere in Dublin and that they’ll reveal all at around 8pm.

“It’s first come, first served so get ready to run.”

Even if they gave a hint about what area they’ll be playing in, at least people could be ready to run.

It’s got to be somewhere in the city centre surely though?

Where do you think it’ll be?

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