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01st Dec 2019

PJ Gallagher wants to get Toy Show sensation, Sophia, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Darragh Murphy

Sophia on the Late Late Toy Show

There was no shortage of special moments on Friday night’s Late Late Toy Show.

We had Katie Taylor surprising young Ella, we had Alex coming back from Australia to surprise her brother Lee and we had the lovely Sophie talking about her sick brother Cian.

The Toy Show was something of an emotional rollercoaster but the highlight for many viewers was the bravery of Dublin youngster, Sophia Maher.

Sophia joined Ryan Tubridy to open up on the bullies who had been kicking her, mocking her hair and calling her a ‘weirdo’.

It was a heart-wrenching segment but one that ended on a positive note as Sophia refused to let her bullies get her down.

“Don’t let the bullies stop you from doing the things you want to do,” the eight-year-old said when asked if she had a message for those watching from home.

“And life would just suck if everybody was the same.”

After melting the hearts of the nation, Sophia has become something of a celebrity as high-profile viewers threw their support behind her.

PJ Gallagher was one such big-name viewer who wants Sophia to be given the opportunity to get her anti-bullying message to even more people.

The Irish comedian took to Twitter in the hope of convincing Ellen DeGeneres to have Sophia on her show, which is one of the most watched talk shows on the planet.

We’re all for it!