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16th Oct 2018

Ryan Tubridy Snuck A ‘Banned Product’ Into The London Late Late Show

Darragh Berry

The London edition of The Late Late Show was an absolute hit with viewers but it could have been called off altogether if Ryan Tubridy’s naughty antics had been found out.

Speaking on his radio show on Tuesday morning, he told his listeners how he snuck a banned product into the show despite being warned otherwise.

“Do you know what, they are quite funny over there in the UK in terms of, you know the way the bars are so rubbish that you have to drink.

“I remember giving out about the English bars. There is no craic in them and they are very serious in the halls.

“The hall that we were in, beautiful, beautiful hall but very very serious. You couldn’t bring food in.

“I don’t think I should get anyone in trouble by saying what we did, but sometimes you need a Big Mac.

“And sometimes if you have to smuggle one in in a bag pretending that it is from somewhere else. You have to eat. A man has to eat. I’m not saying anything happened I’m just saying you have to eat.”

The Late Late Show’s London Special was the most watched Late Late Show so far in 2018 with more than half the people watching television in Ireland on Friday night tuned in to see the live broadcast.

The show, the first in 36 years to be broadcast from London, was watched by an average audience of 610,000 people and a 52 per cent share of viewers watching television on Friday night.

The audience peaked at 695,000 viewers and the show had a reach of 1.15 million people who tuned in for a minute or more of the broadcast over the course of the night.

Tubridy said that bringing the show to London was a huge undertaking but an important one.

“In these times of Brexit, we should acknowledge and celebrate the ties between these two islands.

“I feel that we did that on Friday night, contributing in our own way toward the ongoing discussion on Brexit with a lively debate and hearing the stories of the people, both well-known and not so well-known, who have made a life for themselves in Britain.

“I am delighted that people responded in such huge numbers”.

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