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06th May 2020

Shane Ross reacts to Normal People sex scenes filmed at his childhood home

James Fenton

The sex scenes in Normal People have divided opinion in recent weeks but did you know some of them were filmed in the childhood home of an Irish politician?

Transport Minister Shane Ross has revealed to the Irish Independent that he grew up in Knockmore House which serves as the family home of Marianne in Normal People.

While the show has been roundly praised for its realistic depiction of sexual encounters, some of the scenes sparked a debate on Liveline last week, with some finding the content a bit too much. Ross reckons his parents might have had similar feelings, as he explained: “I think my parents would be absolutely mortified by what’s going on in their house, which was a haven of morality.”

Given Ross’ previous form, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to see him in the background the next time Connell and Marianne are getting close. He went onto say that he hasn’t watched the series yet but will feel “sentimental” when he does.

The home is located in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, about 40km from Dublin city centre. If you’ve been watching Normal People like millions of others around the world, you can access the impressive soundtrack here.

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