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03rd Aug 2020

A pint of plain face mask is your only man

Sarah Finnan

Shit London Guinness

Most are familiar with Shit London Guinness by now… and if you’re not, then you should be.  An Instagram account documenting some of the worst poured pints in London, it’s grown quite the following since being set up. Horrifying Guinness drinkers the world over, the account is headed up by Irishman Ian and never fails to spark rage with its photos – many of which show pints so awful that they can only be described as sacrilege.

Between headless pints, unacceptable glassware and spillage… you’d be surprised by just how many unimpressive pints there are out there. See below for reference.

Sorry, I know that’s a bit much for a Bank Holiday Monday… hope it didn’t send you into the horrors.

Fans of the page will remember a T-shirt collab a few months back, designed by Dublin-based designer Hephee (more on that here). Moving with the times, Shit London Guinness has come out with some new merch – this time in the form of a facemask.

The must-have accessory of the year (seriously, they’re mandatory in many public areas and on public transport so best invest), these ones are shit cool and make it very clear that you’re pro-pints, no speaking necessary.

Only available in limited numbers, they come in two sizes and are machine washable so you can wear ’em time and again.

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