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31st Oct 2020

These are the seven best family-friendly spooky movies on TV today

Rory Cashin

Spooky, but not scary. Perfect for the whole family on Halloween!

Before all of the TRULY scary stuff kicks off tonight, there is plenty of time today to show some of the younger members of the family some spooky classics for Halloween.

The Addams Family – Comedy Central – 12.05pm

Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and the rest of the family are reunited with the long lost Uncle Fester, who appears to have amnesia. Still one of the best and most-twisted family comedies ever made.

Monster Trucks – E4 – 1.20pm

A teenager’s life takes a turn when he discovers a mysterious creature that consumes oil at the junkyard where he works and learns that the “monster” is on the run from a fracking company.

Addams Family Values – Comedy Central – 2.05pm

Uncle Fester gets a girlfriend, and that girlfriend is a million times more evil than any of the Addams family members. Equally as funny and twisted as the original, if not even slightly better.

Flight of the Navigator – Syfy – 4pm

A young boy wakes up after a fall, to find that the world has moved on eight years, but he hasn’t aged a day. After discovering he was abducted by aliens during that time, he reunites with the kooky spaceship that took him, and they plan to travel back in time and place him back to exactly when he was taken.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch – Comedy Central – 4.05pm

Maybe one of the craziest sequels ever made, the small-monster original blown up to a story about an entire Manhattan skyscraper overtaken by Gizmo’s egg babies.

Goosebumps – RTE One – 6.35pm

Jack Black stars as the author of the Goosebumps books, and he must team up with a group of his biggest fans when they notice that the characters from the books have started to come to life.

Super 8 – FilmFour – 6.45pm

JJ Abrams channels his inner Spielberg for this mix of E.T. and Stranger Things. A group of young kids are making a movie when they witness a creature escaping from a government train, and it soon begins prowling their small home town.

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