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05th Aug 2019

WATCH: A Dublin Garda Had Great Craic Taking The Mick Out Of An English Stag

James Fenton

With all the Brexit stuff going on, it’s fair to say relations between ourselves and our nearest neighbours are a bit strained at the moment. Having said that, it’s great to see we can still take the mick out of each other when the time is right.

Take this Garda for example. He came across an English fella dressed rather flamboyantly on his stag do in Dublin and proceeded to put the frighteners on the poor lad. Catching up with him on the street, the officer tells the man that a bouncer had made a complaint about him before delivering a punchline which makes light of the size of his, ahem, manhood.

The stag took it well to be fair and by the end all involved are having a great auld chortle together. Check out the clip, posted by Twitter user @LfcBowie, below.

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