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24th Nov 2021

WATCH: The cast and creator of Disney+’s new show Hawkeye reveal their favourite Xmas movies

Rory Cashin

The new Marvel show arrives this week!

The thing about Christmas movies (and certain Christmas TV specials) is that they’re practically designed to be enjoyed on annual basis.

Think of your favourite Christmas movie and/or Christmas TV special, and chances are you’ll make sure to watch it each and every December, in the run-up to the big day.

So it was clever that Disney and Marvel have based their brand new show, Hawkeye, in and around Christmas time, because it means we’ll all want to watch this year in the run-up to Christmas, and then hopefully revisit it every Christmas going forward!

The first two episodes of the new show arrived on Wednesday, 24 November, with the rest arriving weekly, and our pals at JOE caught up with the stars and creator of the Hawkeye show, and you can check out their chats right here.

First up, it is Hawkeye himself, Jeremy Renner, and his on-screen protege, played by Hailee Steinfeld:

And next is the director, executive producer and creator of the show, Rhys Thomas.

He reveals a strong Irish connection to Hawkeye!

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