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30th Apr 2018

WATCH: U2’s Brilliant New Video Is A Celebration Of Dublin’s Diversity

James Fenton

Apart from perhaps Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy, no men have ever divided the Irish nation as much as U2. Half the country is more than happy to lap up the radio-friendly tunes and line up for hours to see the band live, while the other half can’t think of anything worse than spending two hours in the company of Bono et el. 

Whatever camp you’re in, there’s no denying that U2 have a more than decent back catalogue and have never been afraid to share a political or social opinion or two. This is all reflected in the new promotional video for their single Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way, which celebrates the diversity on display in 21st century Dublin. 

Directed by photographer David Mushegain and inspired by portraits of the capital’s youth he began taking a few years back, the video is a celebration of Dublin’s LGBTQ scene and youth culture. 

The song is a catchy enough number but it’s the video which really grabs the attention. You can check it out in full below. 

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