7 New Things To Discover Around Dublin This Weekend

You definitely haven't experienced all of these yet...


The weekend — and payday— is nearly upon us! So what better way to celebrate it than by trying something new?

We've teamed up with Heineken, who invite you to discover their recently launched Wild Lager called H41, to help you discover some new things that have sprung up around Dublin.

Be they new dishes, activities or restaurants, we can guarantee you'll find something on this list that you haven't tried yet.

Start your journey of discovery with...

1. Klaw PoKē

Temple Bar's tiny restaurant Klaw has made a name for itself over the last few years as a seafood joint to be reckoned with and now they're opening up a new location on Capel Street which specialises in a Hawaiian delicacy.

Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is a raw fish salad dish that's traditionally served as an appetiser and it's a food trend that's become huge in London and LA in recent years.

Come see what all the fuss is about ASAP.

Hawaiian Poke

2. Lettuce wraps at WOWBURGER

Now we all love a good burger, especially the beauts from our local WOWBURGER, but there's always a certain amount of guilt that comes with it.

Or at least, there used to be.

Now WOWBURGER is giving customers the option to buy a burger wrapped in lettuce rather than buns. So you get the same juicy meat goodness with none of that pesky gluten.

3. Skinfull Affairs

Head to Exchequer Street to try out this brand spanking new salon, which offers a range of services like facials, manicures, threading, tinting, henna body art and massages.

They're trying to beautify you while remaining uber-ethical, so everything is free of chemicals, vegan and totally natural.

Fancy popping in for a pampering?


4. Love Supreme, Portobello

The original in Stoneybatter has built quite the rep for itself as one of the best cafés around, so it was only a matter of time before Love Supreme expanded its operation. 

The Portobello location retains everything that makes the first one so great: expertly made coffee, flaky pastries, and a gorgeous interior.

Do yourself a big favour and order a sausage roll. Or three.

5. Massage On The Barge

Now here's a novel experience for you.

Located in Dublin’s Docklands, Massage On The Barge is exactly what it sounds like: you'll be given a massage while on a barge — presumably because getting rubbed down just feels better on water.

The treatments you can expect onboard include Thai massage, full body hot oil massage, sports massage, AromaTouch Technique and foot massage.


6. The National Wax Museum Plus

You may have been to Dublin's wax museum in the past, but have you checked out their new and improved location yet? Didn't think so.

They've recently moved to Westmoreland Street in order to bring the attraction up to date and expand their sections, so you can expect waxworks of Father Ted, Irish writers, history and the creepiest characters from horror. 

The museum even boasts a new 'augmented reality' app called Wax Magic app which allows the waxworks to speak to you. Pretty nifty, eh?

Father Ted Wax

7. A H41 Wild Lager by Heineken

Here's one for the beer fans.

H41 is a limited edition Wild Lager by Heineken was created by master brewer Willem van Waesberghe from a wild ‘mother’ yeast discovered in Patagonia. 

This new style of lager offers a full-bodied taste with spicy notes balanced by subtle hints of fruit.

If you'd like to discover the Wild Lager, you can find it in local spots like O'Donoghue's, The Bowery, Harry's On The Green and many more.

H41 Header

Enjoy H41 Wild Lager by Heineken responsibly. Visit www.drinkaware.ie

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