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12th Oct 2023

Gordon Ramsay said the service was ‘exceptional’ at Dublin Michelin two-star restaurant

Fiona Frawley

gordon ramsay liath dublin

The celebrity chef and his team enjoyed an intimate meal at the Blackrock restaurant last night.

Gordon Ramsay is currently back on our telly screens with the return of Kitchen Nightmares after a ten year hiatus, but this week he was able to switch off and enjoy a meal without the threat of freezer burned raviolis or having to source two slices of bread to encase someone into an idiot sandwich with.

In fact, he couldn’t say enough about the quality of the service, food and overall craic at Liath, one of Ireland’s only Michelin two-star restaurants.

The celebrity chef, who we usually see berating restaurant owners and demanding for kitchens to be shut down with the passionate intensity of John Mclane emerging from a vent to surprise Hans Gruber had dinner at Liath to celebrate the wrapping of Next Level Chef, a new series partially filmed in county Wicklow.

Speaking to Lovin, Liath’s general manager Louise Creane said Ramsay was “polite, amazing and gave us loads of compliments”, and spoke particularly highly of the restaurant’s “outstanding” service and “exceptional” pigeon dish.

Liath obtained its second Michelin star last year after undergoing a revamp over lockdown. The Michelin Guide praised its new entrance via Blackrock Market, writing:

“When entering via the rustic market you’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland, as the place has a cosy, magical feel”.


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In terms of the food, the Michelin Guide wrote:

“Bold, original dishes are centred around the five tastes – salty, savoury, sweet, bitter and sour – which come together in perfect harmony, and excellent wine pairings further enhance the experience”.

Images via Louise Creane / Liath 


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