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24th Oct 2023

Paul Mescal is back on the apps – here are 5 places we’d send him on a date in Dublin

Fiona Frawley

paul mescal date dublin

Even global, Gucci-clad celebs are susceptible to the aul delete/re-download/delete again dating app dance.

Despite his best efforts, public interest in Paul Mescal’s dating life remains rife with reports this week of the actor being spotted on an unspecified dating app.

While we’re not here to speculate on celeb gossip and definitely respect Paul’s noble quest to keep his private life private, we thought no harm in assembling a round up of potential date spots around Dublin’s fair city – just in case he ever happens to need it.


Maybe an obvious one, but if PM is looking to keep things classic with a good ole fashioned cinema trip we feel the IFI is the perfect setting. A roster of alternative, independent and international films, an arthouse feel and an effortlessly cool assembly of patrons off to see their subtitled films of choice on 70mm. The IFI’s café bar is also on hand for a macchiato or perhaps a glass of punchy red to begin the evening.

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It’d be a crime against Irishness to compile a list like this and not include somewhere for Mr. Denny’s 2018 to get himself a hearty fry. There’s no shortage of places to choose from but if Paul’s looking to bust out his best loafers-and-socks / GAA shorts combo, we feel the most appropriate backdrop is the perpetually hip Daddy’s of Rialto. Great quality, Irish breakfast meats prepared well, with a strong tea in one of their vintage glass mugs to accompany. Where else would you actually be goin’?

The Bernard Shaw Crisp Festival

A seasonal date option, but if Paul happens to be home around mid-August a day out at the Bernard Shaw’s Crisp Festival is a must. Ever since this iconic 2020 paparazzi shot outed the Normal People star as a prawn cocktail stan, our interest in his crisp preferences has been piqued – does he share a similar affinity for Johnny Onion rings, or the starchy Taytos of his homeland? If so, there’s no better place to appreciate their excellence than at this annual crisp fest complete with crisp sandwich making contests and blind taste testing.

Catherine’s Bakery

A traditional, welcoming spot where the donuts are heavy as heavy with inner city history as they are jam filling, boasting classic sweet treats that we just know Paul would appreciate. We envisage the Aftersun star and his date splitting a paper bag of four donuts (a steal at €3.20), and bonding over a blob of homemade jam spilling out and staining the colourful windbreaker that could really be being worn by either one of them.

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For a classy evening of top class Italian food, delicious wines and second-to-none service, this trendy neighbourhood spot is one we’ll always recommend. If a savoury Sangiovese accompanied by a creamy cacio e pepe isn’t the perfect date fodder, we don’t know what is.

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It goes without saying that all options should obviously be followed by a visit to a quiet, grassy corner of the canal to enjoy a couple of gins in tins.

Did we miss out the perfect spot for Paul Mescal’s next date night? Let us know!

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