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Fed Up With Dublin’s Unhealthy Takeaways? Here’s Your New Go-To

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Dublin is full-on flooded with chippers and MSG-filled Chinese takeaways. 

And that’s okay, every now and then that’s exactly what you want.

But for the most part our bodies need and crave healthy, fresh food. So that’s where Piply.ie, a relatively new spot to pick up healthy guilt-free takeaways in Dublin, comes in. 

The team behind Piply were fed up with unhealthy takeaways so they teamed up with Brother Hubbard to create healthy dinners that are delivered straight to your door – and the results, as you’ll know if you’ve ever ventured into Brother Hubbard or Sister Sadie, are predictably delish.

Piply Launch 2
Screen Shot 2016 07 30 At 15 44 24

Right now Piply is only delivering to some areas of Dublin, as shown in the map below, but I’m sure if you really wanted it they would make an exception so give ’em a call

Screen Shot 2017 01 24 At 16 08 55
Piply Finals 9071
Screen Shot 2016 07 30 At 15 44 07

The food looks seriously decent and was designed with dieticians to ensure it’s both healthy and tasty.

Screen Shot 2016 07 30 At 15 43 02
Screen Shot 2016 07 30 At 15 44 16

Effortless meals, without the guilt?

Sounds good to us.

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