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30th Jan 2018

Coppers Issue Gold Card ‘Dos And Don’ts List’ For Anyone Who Longs For One

Darragh Berry

Many people say they are Coppers’ biggest fan but how many of them would go to the ultimate extremes in order to get a gold card?

For those of you who have managed to get your hands on one, we are beyond jealous. As you know, anyone who has a gold card will NEVER tell you how they got it but fear not, we decided to go straight to the source and ask them is it possible for anyone to get their claws on one. 

Rory Traynor – Marketing and Social Media Manager for Copper Face Jacks told Lovin Dublin:

“As I’m sure you may have guessed, I get many requests for gold cards every single day.

“We do have to try and keep them to a minimum to help preserve their prestigious claim.”

So here’s a little ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ list for those of you who long to have one according to Rory: 


  • Offer to buy one, Gold cards aren’t for sale!
  • Tell us you’re our best customer, so you deserve one.  (We hear this one quite a bit on a Saturday night around 1am)
  • Tell us your friend’s Uncle’s girlfriend’s dog knows the owner.
  • Call us out on Twitter. ‘How about a Gold Card?’, Haha good one.
  • Tell us you lost your last one. Nice try, but we keep records you know!


  • Make us laugh. We’re all about the craic here, we’re famous for it after all. Think big.
  • Challenge us. We recently entered a 365 day snapchat streak challenge. Beware, there’s usually a forfeit.
  • Something amazing. We’re not talking about scoring 1-9 in a minor final seven years ago but if you have the story, we’ll have the gold card. 

Can you make the people that run the nightclub laugh like they have never laughed before? 

Or maybe you feel you can beat them in a challenge, similar to the one that Rory suggested above which we covered some time back.

Or, OR, do you have a killer story that will take their breath away?

If so, you now know EXACTLY what to do in order to get your hands on one. 

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