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A Study Has Found That Tinder Users Are More Likely To Have An STI

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According to new research, those fond of swiping right are more likely to have an STI than people who don’t use dating apps such as Tinder.

The study was carried out by MedExpress.co.uk who polled a total of 2,899 UK-based sexually active adults aged 18 and over. 

A total of 1,440 participants used Tinder while the other 1,459 did not. 

68% of the respondents said they frequently had one night stands (more than one a month). Following this, all participants were asked if they had ever contracted an STI following a one night stand: 38% of those who did not use the app had, with 76% of Tinder users stating they had.

With the huge popularity of dating and hook up apps, particularly amongst young people, it’s hardly a shock that so many of the individuals taking part in our study engage in regular one night stands. 

What is so shocking however, is the huge difference between the rate of STI’s caught by those who use Tinder compare to those who do not.

?Michael Ross, Spokesperson for MedExpress.co.uk

So, just in case y’all needed a reminder…

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