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13th Feb 2018

Every Dubliner Should Try This South Dublin Experience At Least Once In Their Lives


The longest winter of alllll time is still dragging on and it’s not hard to feel pretty glum about the short dark days and freezing cold. All these plans of #NewYearNewMe are kinda hard to put into action, eh?

Well, a new campaign has begun that will set you on a journey toward embracing every little moment and becoming that mad person who gets up at 6am to go swim in the Irish Sea – for real. 

An experience every Dubliner should give a go at least once in their lives is a sunrise swim at the Forty Foot and this Sunday is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge (g’wan, you’ll feel just fab afterwards). 

Rise To The Outdoors‘ is a new idea set up to encourage people to wake up to the sunrise and make the most of the outdoors…

Enjoy different elements of the outdoors over the next four weeks, whether its an invigorating dip in the cold Irish water or watching the sunrise over the Dublin hills – grab a friend or come join new friends as you jump – literally – out of your comfort zone.

There’s four FREE events organised as part of the first Rise To The Outdoors and we can’t think of a better way to get refreshed for the coming week than by taking charge in such a fun way as this.

The first sunrise event takes place this Sunday: a sunrise swim at Forty Foot. Are you brave enough?

Sunday 18th:
Forty Foot Dip 
This an experience that everyone must have a least once. Watch the sun rise and glow over the water as you heat up your bones after an invigorating dip in the cold water.

Organised by Ornagh from More Chalk, a Dublin gymnastics studio, the Sunday events will get you feeling pumped for the week ahead 

Can’t make this Sunday? Move some things around in you calendar for these ones…

Sunday 25th:
Ticknock Sunrise Hike
Start your Sunday with a light but beautiful hike through the Ticknock Hills and watch Dublin wake up.

Sunday 4th:
More Chalk Beach Class
Join More Chalk for a fun and different style class with all levels on whiterock beach watching the Sun rise from the sea. Then either take a dip or enjoy a well deserved warm brekkie and chats with new friends.

Sunday 11th:
Greystones Cliff walk and gorgeous views. You even have the option of a quick dip if you have picked up the swimming bug from the previous weeks!

And don’t worry… Hot tea will be provided to warm you up afterward!

Still can’t muster up the courage? Just think about rewarding yourself with an indulgent brekkie afterward. 

Plus apparently it’s not as bad as you think it’s gonna be. Ornagh told Lovin Dublin that she started sea swimming after a weekend of sunrise swims in Mayo. The invigoration and adrenaline she felt convinced her to start making it a regular thing at the Forty Foot instead of waiting for weekends away. 

“Every morning is so different – the nerves feeling in your belly and the reluctance to take off your clothes doesn’t get any easier but that feeling is next to none.

And if the feeling alone isn’t enough, when it’s paired with a blazing sunrise and a pink sky painting the water it’s just like being in a dream!”

As for what first timers should expect? Ornagh says she’s never had someone join in the sunrise swim for the very first time who hasn’t returned for a second and third go…

You’ll never forget the feeling. Will we be seeing you this Sunday? 

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