PIC: The Differing Prices Of Pints Of Guinness In Dublin

From €3 something to nearly €8. We all know where we'll be heading for our pints next time.


Look, it goes without saying that we love our Guinness here.

We love it so much that we even decided to draft up what we thought were the best pints of Guinness in the capital, a bucket list for all you Guinness lovers to try out.

And we don't mind what we pay for our Guinness, as long as it's a good pint. We'd rather fork out a fiver for some cream than pay €4 for some tap water.

But, if you tell us that there's areas of Dublin that do lovely pints for €3 and a bit of change, we'd probably set up camp there and never leave.


Guindex Ireland shared this photo on an article called Graphic Variation Of Guinness Pricing and this is how Dublin looks:

Guinness Variation

While most codes rock around the €4.50-€6 price range, there's a few absolute chancers that head north of six euro while one or two break under the €4 barrier.

For example, if you're heading anywhere in Dublin 2 or D1, be prepared to pay anything between €6.50 or even €7 for a pint of Guinness.

However, both of those, according to the graph can also serve up some cheap pints with the spread showing D1, D2, D4, D7 and D8 have broken under the €4 barrier in some situations.

And we came across the only two pubs in Dublin that fit that description of selling pints for less than €4.

Do you know any more hidden gem that serves a pint of Mother's Milk for less than €4? Or is there an absolute rip-off spot that we don't know about?

Let us know in the comments.

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